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Serenity Bedding Pty. Ltd.


These are the clearance outlets for the Serenity Bedding Mattress Factory in Springvale.

Serenity Bedding manufactures prestigious White Label Brand Name mattresses for many
companies that are household names throughout Australia.

To produce these mattresses to the level required by our clients requires continual
development and as a result we end up with many prototypes we have to clear and need to
sell quickly to clear the space, therefore many ridiculously low prices on high quality

In addition, many of our clients operate at the pointy end of the fashion market and need to
change the aesthetics of their mattresses regularly, leaving Serenity Bedding many meters
of discontinued fabric we have to quit.


For the consumers that have discovered outlets, this means 3 things.
1. We have to offer a continuous broad range of qualities so all our visitors can find a
great mattress within their budget.
2. They can purchase high quality all Australian made mattresses, all with the very best
of Australian componentry at a fraction of the “Sale Prices” being charged outside
our clearance centers.
3. The mattress you receive may have a different fabric than the photograph or on
display, but under the fabric the mattress will be identical to description.


To be the best you have to use the best. We only use the best Australian materials and components in all our mattresses that we manufacture.


We use and support local, so Australian businesses and Manufacturing can stay local. 


To make the best quality mattresses, you have to use the best quality components.


We aim to manufacture and to deliver on our promise to make the best quality Australian mattresses

in Australia, for all Australians,

at a fair and affordable price. 

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