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Discover the exceptional quality of our Australian-made mattresses, backed by a substantial minimum 10-year warranty, ensuring their enduring excellence. Each of our mattresses undergoes meticulous craftsmanship, fusing premium foam and plush comfort fibres in the sleeping panel to provide you with unparalleled comfort and support.

Initially, when your mattress is brand new, the sleeping panel maintains a consistent appearance. Over time, with regular use, these layers will adapt to your body's contours, resulting in a minor reduction in loft. This is a natural progression and a testament to the mattress's responsiveness. Rest assured, this slight reduction in loft does not compromise the mattress's performance, support, or longevity.

Please note that our warranty/guarantee excludes coverage for the following:

•    Mattress Fabric: This includes any stains, soiling, or burns on the mattress fabric.
•    Handles: While our handles aid in mattress positioning, they should not bear the full weight of the mattress. Damage to handles is not covered.
•    Border Wires: These wires run along the mattress's perimeter and foundation and may bend due to improper moving or bending of the mattress, unless the mattress is specifically designed for use on an adjustable base.
•    Bedding Sold "As Is": Any bedding sold in "As Is" condition is not covered by the warranty unless a manufacturing fault, not apparent during the initial sale, is discovered.
•    Bed Height: Adjustments to the bed's height are not included in the warranty.
•    Comfort Preferences: Individual comfort preferences and adjustments made to comfort layers are not covered.
•    Heat Issues: Any concerns related to mattress heat are not included in the warranty.
•    Damage Due to Abuse: Any damage resulting from misuse or abuse is not covered.
•    New Mattress Material Odor: The natural odour of new mattress materials is not considered a defect.
•    Inappropriate Foundation: For optimal performance, the mattress should be used with a matching foundation. Refer to our guidelines for slat and platform beds for more information.
•    Minor Manufacturing Anomalies: Small manufacturing irregularities that do not impact the bed's performance, such as mis-stitching on quilting, are not covered.

Please be aware that any mattress displaying the aforementioned stains or damages will void any warranty claims. It is crucial to note that our warranty is only valid if a suitable mattress protector is used at all times. We highly recommend the use of a mattress protector to maintain the mattress in pristine condition and prevent potential warranty claims due to stains or marks.

Additionally, our warranty excludes coverage for mattress comfort or damage resulting from the use of an incorrect or poorly constructed bed or bed base.

For further details, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions page.

In terms of delivery and pick-up charges, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier mattresses. If, upon inspection, no manufacturing fault is found when returning a mattress for repair or replacement, the pick-up and re-delivery fee becomes your responsibility and must be paid in full before the mattress is returned. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to promptly address any manufacturing faults.

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