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The dimensions of a double mattress are 137 cm x 188 cm. This size is a favorite among couples, providing enough space for two individuals. Double mattresses are also an excellent option for couples living in limited spaces, spare rooms, or occasionally even in a child's room.

Furthermore, a double bed suits adolescents who have outgrown their childhood beds. They will undoubtedly appreciate the extra room it offers compared to a single bed. Investing in a double mattress is wise, as it can later find use in a guest room once grown children move out.

Advantages of a double mattress:

As mentioned earlier, the double size mattress offers ample space, bridging the gap between single and king sizes. It ensures a comfortable night's sleep and accommodates larger teenagers, couples, and young adults.

Here are a few more advantages to selecting a double bed:

Double beds rank among the most popular bed sizes in Australia.
They furnish generous space for couples or individuals seeking more personal room.

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